Video Baby Monitors: Are Parents Right To Be Concerned?

If you take a loot on the web, you’ll find a whole host of sites about baby monitoring. Some are nothing more than shops, selling products from the likes of BT, Motorola and Samsung, while others are more in depth resources, providing video baby monitor reviews, going to varying lengths. In some cases, you’ll find a lot of effort has gone into the material, including videos about the products they’re featuring:

Where we take a particular interest, is the communication between the camera near the child, and the handset that the parent carries around with them. It’s of critical importance that the signal is encrypted in some way, just like you’d want security on your wireless internet router while you’re doing things like internet banking.

Children are one of the few things in life we’ll do anything for, so that’s why we put huge emphasis on helping identify flaws in the security of these communications between devices to keep your children safe. By definition, it can never be impossible to crack, but it’s about making that as difficult as possible to do, without impacting on the usability for parents. That’s an important balance to get right, as if you make these devices complicated to use, parents might be put off using them at all, and they perform an important safety role as well as providing peace of mind.

Looking at an example, Motorola have a huge amount of experience in the mobile device market – you might remember the popularity of their RAZR phones a decade or so ago. Their baby monitor the MBP26 has an option to buy with motion pads that detect if a baby stops breathing – clearly a huge parenting benefit to monitor the health of your baby. However, you still see comments on sites like Amazon for parents worried about people listening in. No matter how much manufacturers invest in technology and they’re reassured by those Motorola MBP26 review pages, the fact of the matter is that as long as there as parents and children, there will be concerns about their welfare. All we can do, is make sure that the video baby monitors are as safe and secure as they can be!