Welcome John, Our Latest Team Member

Alarm Software are pleased to welcome our latest addition, John, who joins us today in our software development office.

John is a keen coder, with a particular interest in network security, one of the main reasons why we were keen to bring him in to work on our MBP26 eSecurity project. His experience includes working on firmware for home router technology, helping to keep your data away from prying eyes when its flying through the air around your home. He’s also provided a lot of support in improving the stability over wifi networks, reducing the tendency for your connection to drop out and need to reconnect. It hopefully goes without saying that both of these skills and areas of experience are something we can draw on with baby monitor software, so hope you will join us in welcoming John to the team.

Outside work, you’ll often find John on the beaches of Cornwall, scouring for coins and other items of value. His passion for exploring with his metal detector has resulted in him being a respected contributor to detectorist websites, sharing his extensive knowledge and personally developed techniques with the wider community.

Finally he’s a keen golfer, which fulfils our final requirement in the AS office, as we’ve finally got someone on board to play a round with the clients that isn’t going to show themselves up before even reaching the first hole!