Watching Over Your eSecurity

Barely a week goes by without hearing a big news story about the theft of personal information from a big company. We’ve seen targets made of big social networks, FTSE 100 companies, and even companies that specialise in security.

Some people question how much of this happens that we don’t find out about, given that these sprawling companies have huge teams of tech staff, how many tiny companies leak our details that we don’t know about?

Actually it’s probably not as big of an issue as it sounds – hackers like big prizes, and they’re unlikely to be interested in a few hundred email addresses from a small e-commerce store selling electronics. It’s the corporates that know the true value of ever more detailed personal information, so that’s where the criminals strike.

The internet is still very young, so plenty more mistakes will come to light, that’s inevitable, so Alarm Software is here to help.

Where we’re really placing our focus right now is to help baby monitor manufacturers create products that are as robust as possible to reassure parents that no-one is snooping around where there children are concerned.

We’ll give more detail in our next update.